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of three young daughters, i can't stress enough how important it is our kids grow up with a positive body image. one young girl i spoke with started noticing a troubling pattern among her friends. >> girls get this idea that they need to be beautiful to be
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accepted and liked and to have a good life. and they think that to be beautiful they have to be really thin, with light skin and light hair and no blemishes whatsoever. and that idea comes from the media. >> julia bloom. and she is making this argument, the media's ideal body image was simply impossible to achieve without photo shop. and then she got "seven teen" magazine to change their photo retouching policy. this coming week is national eating disorders awareness week. i want to share a new website where you or your kids can take a free, anonymous self assessment to gauge the risk of an eating disorder. it's called it can even provide referrals to local medical professionals who might be able to provide some treatment. hope that helps. that's going to wrap things up. let us know what you think. and follow me on twitter at dr. sanjay gupta. a check of your top stories are next in the cnn "newsroom."
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hello, everyone, i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us. as we go on the air tonight, breaking news. from the sports world. it happened just moments ago. it was a fiery crash that marked the end of today's nascar race in daytona. take a look now at these incredible images that are coming in. there is the video of that crash. listen. >> and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> this is a big, big wreck. >> kyle larson's car with the front end. >> again, images of that crash, you can see it now in slow motion, sent that car hurdling toward the grandstand. engine parts flying right into the crowd. it happened on the final lap of nascar's nationwide race. our joe carter is there. also a cnn employee, john newsome, who was there too, just trying to enjoy the race. they both join us now by phone. joe, i'm going to start with you. what did you see?
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what is going on here? >> well, don, our location where we've been working from is basically called victory lane. it's in the infield of this track. so we weren't able to see very well the crash itself. we could hear the crash. so i was watching on the television like a lot of folks at home, and saw tyler larson's car get airborne and absolutely get shredded across that catch fence. keep in mind, on the other side of that catch fence is where fans sit to enjoy the race. this is a nationwide race. so it's a second-tier race. of course, tomorrow is the cup series race. you're going to have a much larger crowd. i'd say the crowd is probably 80% full. so not completely sold out. but there were a lot of people. we saw several pieces of kyle larson's car go through that fence, including a burning engine that went into the open area. it appeared that most of that car went through and over the fence. we've heard there are some injuries, not able to confirm how many people or what's
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happened to those people. not sure about the drivers just yet. nascar is still working on getting a statement out from the president, mike helton. but at this point, obviously, a horrific end to what was a -- going to be a fantastic finish in the nationwide race. the car just absolutely shredded into several pieces. kyle larson, the one involved, several other drivers, just to watch that car into a million pieces, completely shredded across the fence was a sad sight to see. and obviously the catch fence did its job from the most part because it prevented the engine from going further into the grandstand and a lot of pieces like tires going into the grandstand, don. >> joe, listen, these cars are going hundreds of miles an hour, and then, of course, the engine sent hurdling, going faster in front of the car and the other general parts. ten cars, at least, joe, involved in this. and you said the driver was kyle lawson -- kyle larson? how is he? do we know? >> no, not at this point. we're waiting to hear back from nascar to determine whether or
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not which drivers had to be taken to the hospital. we don't know their condition at this time. we know there was a wreck earlier in the race, just probably ten laps before. the drivers did have to be taken to the hospital. so we're going to work on trying to get something from nascar and get it back to you. but at this point when you watch that video, you think how could somebody just walk away from something like that. pieces of his car flying through that fence. his car, when it actually shredded through the air, when it was finished rolling off the track and ended up in the grass, it was pretty much half gone. there was no engine. there was no front part to the car. >> yeah. >> and so we're hoping that obviously every driver involved was able to at least have no injuries or be taken to the hospital. but we're going to get back to you as far as that goes. i'm going to head over to the media center and try and find out more having. >> joe carter, thank you very much. stand by. we're going to bring in mr. newsome, who was there. john newsome, who is a cnn employee. before we get to john, let's roll that video and let you watch it happen. and then we'll get to john.
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play the video. >> contact! smith turned around. tony stuart is going to win this race. and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> this is a big, big wreck. >> kyle larson's car, with the front end. >> again, that was kyle larson's car. our joe carter is checking to see how he is doing. and this happened again just moments ago, ten cars involved. this video is courtesy of espn, and we thank them for it. our employee, john newsome, joins us now. he was there. he's a cnn producer. he was in the stands when the accident happened. john, what did you see? >> well, it was the last lap of the race. obviously, a lot of people were trying to make it to the finish line first. and it was right around turn four, right as they were crossing, right before they crossed the finish line. and a couple cars spun out of control. obviously, it happened very fast, so it's hard to tell who actually started it. joe can probably attest to that
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better than i can. i can tell you from where i was, i was sitting in the sprint tower, which to give you perspective, is right across from the finish line. i was a little to the left. so it happened right in front of me. we were in the second level, where actually from the debris managed to fall flat to the second level, despite the phelps right there. but i was able to hop down a couple flights of stairs and get some pictures that you guys are seeing now. but obviously there were some pieces of engine that were able to fly out as the cars crashed. and they came through the fence. i mean, there was a picture of an engine as well as the tire. >> let's get john's pictures up. as you're talking now. so some of the parts did go over the fence. we're looking at your photo now. there appears to be an emergency vehicle in the background and the fence -- i mean, it's just -- it's crushed. yeah. >> and the extent to which the -- some of the i guess pieces of the car went over the fence. there was an engine as well as a tire that went right over the fence, right where you would say the first row was sitting.
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and at that point they immediately had fire crews come over and sort of extinguish them. because obviously, they were very hot and obviously there was a little bit of fire. so they extinguished that very quickly. but even debris managed to make it to the second level where me and my family were sitting. and obviously in my family is fine. but there were other people that were still hit by debris in the second level. and i reached out to the medical crew and none would give me an answer with any certitude as to what the extent of the injuries were. >> john, i know you're very reliable. so you did see people get injured by some of this flying debris. >> yes. and one of the photos, there was a line of ambulances here on the main stretch sort of near where the front gates are. there were probably at least ten ambulances which i think is probably fairly high. i've been doing a number of these nascar events and they always have ambulances here as a precaution. but it was sort of a higher number than i had ever seen. and they definitely had stretchers out there and medical crew tended to some of the
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people, particularly near the front of the fence where most of the injuries came from. >> john, did you see -- did anyone have to be taken away from a stretcher? i know you're not an emergency worker. but did anyone appear to be hurt badly? >> i did not see anybody taken away on the stretcher, although they did bring them there at that point as they were bringing in the stretcher. the emergency crews, police officers, were pushing everybody out. and trying to make sure they had some sort of privacy for some of the people that were still going through some of the medical care. and as you can hear right now some of the sirens still going off. a couple ambulances crying driving by right now if you can hear it on my phone. obviously, i can definitely confirm there were some injuries. but the extent to which these injuries were is still unclear at this time. >> as we're looking at some of the pictures of the stills, john, you can see -- there are people sitting in the stands right behind this car as this car is hurdling by. and obviously that fence doesn't hold every single piece of the car, every single piece of the debris. so it would -- you know, i'm not
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surprised that people were hit and hit by probably smaller pieces of the car. as it went through that protected fence. how far away were you from this again? >> i was in the sprint tower, which is the main tower right on the front straightaway. sort of near sort of the left side of it. sort of coming off a turn for approaching the finish line, which is actually right where this crash happened. and obviously everybody was standing up. it was a high-energy moment. and i think everybody was sort of already -- it was so loud at that point and the crowd was cheering. and as this wreck happened, you could still hear sort of a collective gasp among the crowd. people who know, you could consider them avid race fans. this is sort of the super bowl of racing, at least for the nascar series. and it was sort of surprising. nascar has done a lot of work in the past couple years to sort of make racing safer, not just for the drivers but also for the patrons, for the spectators. and those fences are very, very strong. they're all reinforced with steel rods and everything.
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but obviously when you have cars going this fast, in the magnitude -- >> john, let's listen. let's watch this video. i want our viewers to listen. >> smith turned around. >> so anyway. that's -- those are the pictures. and you see that car right there. hit the wall, and then it explodes into flames, bursts into flames. and what i want to see later in the video, i don't know if this is a driver, carl larson, who is standing up, but you see a driver walking away from one of the cars. and i'm just wondering if that is -- that appears to be his car. he's number 32, correct, john? >> i'm not sure off the top of my head. that would probably be a better question for joe. he could probably attest to the -- i guess how well the drivers are doing at this point. because at least from where i was, i was sort of concerned that at least the people that were in my section, because debris had managed to come up there -- obviously, there were a couple big wrecks today. this was the last of them, obviously.
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it was the first time in a number of years -- i've been going to these for a while. the debris of this magnitude has come into the stands. >> yeah. if you look at the video, as i'm looking now, i'm seeing it just as our viewers are seeing it, it's number 32. there it is. you see that? 32 is the car that goes flying into that fence. and then burst -- there you go. 32 right there. and you see the driver standing next to it. one would hope that he is okay and he appears to be okay, because he's standing there. but we don't know the extent of his injuries, if any at all. and we don't know if any of the people were hurt in the stand, at least hurt enough to be sent to the hospital. john newsome is there. thank you very much, john. we'll get back to you and also joe carter from cnn sports. but, again, john is saying he did see people being treated, some of the debris did go through that fence. you could see the engine part of the engine and part of the tire hurdling into that fence and some of the parts going over into the stands. so we're going to have more on our breaking news story coming
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and more value, 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide starting at just over $1 a day. and now get adt installed for just $99. this is the computer that didn't get stolen, keeping priceless photos and financial records safe. this is the reason why. you can't predict when bad things will happen, so help protect yourself with adt. isn't your family worth america's number-one security company? call and get adt installed for just $99 and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. breaking news coming out of daytona. there has been a crash today involving ten cars at the nationwide race at daytona. and this broke earlier. it's not the 500. the 500 is tomorrow. but anyway, there is that crash. the images are incredible. we are being told that some people have been injured.
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we don't have confirmation on their injuries, if they're life threatening or not at this point. the driver, kyle larson of this car, number 32, appears from the video to have walked away, and i'm also being told that espn has an interview with him after the race, and he appears to be okay. again, that is not confirmation. cnn has not confirmed that. there is a news conference for nascar at any minute that we are waiting on. we are awaiting a news conference to give us an update on exactly what happened. the president of nascar is supposed to give that press conference here, and we're going to carry it for you on cnn. we have two people, at least, from our staff who are attending this event, who are attending daytona, and, of course, the 500 tomorrow. and this nationwide race that was happening today. look at those pictures. unbelievable. can you imagine? sitting in the stands. let alone the drivers. let's go to as a spectator. sitting in the stands in this car, coming towards you, not only this car, a number of cars involved in this accident. and then this one all of a
2:17 pm
sudden hurdling through the air, with its parts, including the engine and the tire barreling right towards you. and then also being down -- the drivers prepare for this. hoping that it will not happen. look at the tire. you see the tire at the right bottom of your screen there, how it smashed through that fence? and the car still smoldering there in that video on just before. here's the crash. right now. yeah. look at that. so one car hits another. causes somewhat of a domino effect. and then sends one car into the fence, and then it bursts into flames. and then just moments from now, look at that. unbelievable. that is believed to be kyle larson, the driver of that car, number 32. standing outside of the car. but imagine that he was taken at
2:18 pm
least, if not to a hospital, somewhere in the facility to be checked out. i am being told that there was an interview by kyle larson on espn, which we have been partnering with lately. cnn's joe carter on the phone. joe, give me an update. what can you tell me? >> yeah, don, how are you doing? we are in the infield area of the track. it's, you know, probably about a quarter of a mile away from where the action had happened, which is around the finish line. there is an infield hospital available to the drivers. all ten of the drivers that were involved in the crash went to the infield hospital. they were all checked out and they were all released. we saw brad kozlowski walk away on his own power. brad kozlowski, the reigning cup series champ, bumped into kyle larson as they were heading toward the finish line. caused the crash. you saw kyle larson's car shred across the grandstand fence. kyle larson we saw walking away on his own two feet.
2:19 pm
at this point we know the ten cars involved, the ten drivers involved, did go to the infield hospital that nascar provides for its drivers. they were checked out and they were released. this is what we don't know, what's going on exactly with the spectators that were being treated in the grandstands. we have heard there was a few people that were taken away on a stretcher, but we cannot confirm that. we know that pieces of debris went up as high as the second row in the grandstands. again, where we're located is the victory lane, which is basically the center of the track. so we're a great distance away from where the wreck happened. but at this point, don, looks like all the drivers involved are going to be okay. obviously, a lot of these guys are going to have to race tomorrow. so they'll need to probably sit down and relax a while and shake this off. >> absolutely. and again, this happened just before we came on the air here. didn't have much information. and joe, as you are there watching, what is it like? what's the mood there? this happened at the end of the race, apparently successful day of racing. and then all of a sudden it's marred by this at the end.
2:20 pm
>> yeah, exactly. it's a subdued mood. it's tony stewart won the race, but he won it off a ten-car crash. and obviously potentially fans being hurt from that. and a lot of cars being wrecked. this is -- it's a -- again, a subdued mood around here. people obviously wondering what happened to the folks in the stands. making sure that everybody is okay. drivers are checking in with their families, with their friends, crew chief, with their teams. just to let everybody know they're okay. and, you know, it's what a way you want to see a race end like this. and i've seen the nascar president saying this is something we have never seen before. they have wrecks in most races but you don't see debris like this going up into the stands and shredding through the fence. >> all right. cnn's joe carter is going to stay there and check up on this breaking news for us. thank you very much. ten drivers involved. we're told all drivers are okay. walked away from the car. they were checked out on the infield medical center there, everybody is fine at this point. but they are checking on the
2:21 pm
spectators in the stands to see if they're okay. that fence usually blocks everything. one of the tires that we're told bounced over that fence and went into the stands. the other one, the fence did hold it. and other parts, smaller debris, was able to get in through that fence. we'll check on it, keep you updated on the breaking news coming out of daytona. in the meantime, another developing story to tell you about, a sex scandal, money scandal and cover-up scandals and the names named go to the top of the catholic church. here's what got the vatican in rumor control mode this weekend. some media outlets in italy say they have uncovered the real reason pope benedict is stepping down. the real reason he's stepping down. and church officials are doing something they almost never do. they're going public saying it's not true. and cnn's ben weanman has the very latest. ben? >> reporter: on february 11th, pope benedict xvi shocked the world, announcing he was stepping down at the end of the month. too old and too tired to conduct his official duties.
2:22 pm
but reports broke in two leading italian publications suggesting his reason for resigning was far more explosive. shock at the discovery of a network of gay priests at the vatican, blackmailed by a network of male prostitutes. according to the reports, the results of an investigation by three cardinals assigned to look into wrongdoing at the vatican were submitted to pope benedict on december 17th last year. the reports say that dossier also suggests serious financial improprieties within the vatican, amounting to violations of the sixth and seventh commandments, thou shall not steal or commit adultery. they were so shocked by the findings, he decided to resign. the vatican has responded with uncharacteristically strong language, saying these, quote,
2:23 pm
unverified, unverifiable or completely false news stories cause serious damage to persons and institutions. and are an attempt to use public opinion to influence the cardinals' free will in the election of a new pope. cardinal poulis will take part in the election, the conclave, and urges caution before creduli credulity. we cannot say that things that are only guesswork or imagination are true, he told me. these allegations only serve to create a climate of division that helps no one. but cnn vatican analyst john allen sniffs some truth in the allegations. >> to date, none of us have actually seen this secret report delivered by the three cardinals to benedict xvi, so it's impossible to say precisely what it contains. on the other hand, the core claim of this story that the cardinals looked into the possibility there might be a network of gay clergy inside the
2:24 pm
vatican who were vulnerable to pressure, to me that passes the smell test. >> there may indeed be something rotten in the state of the vatican. ben wedeman, cnn, rome. >> i'm going to talk to a theology professor in a couple minutes about the scandal, the curious timing and how it might impact the selection of the next pope. but i want to get to miguel marquez right now. miguel, i just said the word "timing" about the timing and all this, because it's just a few days, pope benedict will step down, and an american cardinal in los angeles will help elect his replacement. cardinal roger mahoney answering questions about another church scandal today. tell us about that, miguel. >> reporter: yeah, he's been deposed today. and that deposition, we understand, has just concluded. it sounds like he was talked to for -- or questioned by lawyers who are representing victims -- one victim. but there are 26 alleged victims of a priest who has since fled to mexico. his name, nicholas rivera. and roger mahoney's role in
2:25 pm
covering up those allegations for that priest back in the 1980s. this is the first time roger mahoney has been deposed since there were some 12,000 pages of documents released by the diocese here under court order back in january. he was also stripped of public duties, except for his karldnalship. he does say he tweeted yesterday, his spokesperson continues to say he will go to rome, he will vote in that conclave, he will take part in the conclave and vote for the pope. it says it's his duty, although some are beginning to wonder whether or not he will be invited into that conclave when he gets to rome. he may leave as soon as this afternoon or this evening. depending upon what his lawyers say. but a lot of high drama here. we're at st. charles, the home parish where he now lives. we expect he may be coming back here soon. but in about -- about an hour now, representatives from the survivors network of abused
2:26 pm
priests and catholics united are going to gather here. they're going to present some 8,000 petitions with some 8,000 signatures on them to roger mahoney, they hope, asking him not to go to rome. don? >> can we talk a little bit more here about credibility? how will these legal issues impact his role as someone who will elect the next pope, miguel? >> reporter: it is -- it's hard to fathom. you know, the bishop -- the cardinal mahoney has apologized over and over again. he's met with victims of sexual abuse. he says that, you know, it was a different time in the way they dealt with it then. but when you read through just -- and i haven't been able to get through all 12,000 documents but the ones i have been able to get through, when you read through them, you realize how clearly he understood what these priests were doing, and how clearly he was simply protecting himself
2:27 pm
and the church, and really didn't care about victims. it's right, and it's wrong and he came down on the wrong side. and it's very difficult for victims to get over that. and they want to see a greater level of justice. he's never been tried in criminal court. he's been deposed many times. there has been some discussion and attempts to find criminal behavior on his part. that has not happened yet. but, you know, victims are very, very upset. they think that he is the wrong person. even some very powerful, very conservative members of the catholic league, for instance, are saying stay in los angeles, don't go to rome. don? >> miguel marquez, thank you very much. coming up -- the latest on the nascar accident. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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the obama administration has committed to introduce more thorough background checks for gun purchases, and tougher rules on what guns and magazines can be bought and sold. gun sales have risen sharply in recent years, and the number of women going to shooting ranges has gone up too. cnn's ed lavandera met some texas women who have found firearms to be both empowering and fashionable. >> when i get my gun out of my holster, it's right there. >> reporter: on this texas gun range -- >> like nicole. >> reporter: prada and bling
2:31 pm
immediate bullets and pistol grips. >> shoot! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: it's time for the good 'ole boys to move over and make room for the newest sharp-shooters in town, like rene blaine. >> when i tell people i'm a firearms instructor, they're like -- don't let the hair and nails fool you, man. we're going to break down drawing from the holster. >> reporter: blaine specializes in training women how to handle and shoot firearms. she runs a school called "austin hot shots." >> it is huge. the movement towards women and guns is something unlike i've ever seen before. >> shoot! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: surveys suggest the number of female gun owners was stable in the 20 years leading up to 2010, but in the last few years, gun retailers report a surge in female customers. >> get as high up as you can on the gun. >> reporter: cindy greenwood is a new shooter. she won this handgun in a charity ralph. >> it's exhilarating, it's empowering, i think for a woman. i like it. makes you feel good. >> i'm going to be aggressive,
2:32 pm
i'm going to reach out and i'm going to shoot that thing. shoot! >> reporter: learning gun safety and technique can be daunting, but these women say learning alongside other women offers a sense of comfort. you've been in classes where it's just full of men. how is this different? >> you know, women have a little different learning ability. let's just say. i don't really know how else to say it. women listen. see how my fingers are? >> reporter: no question, there's a feminine touch to these classes. there's plenty of safety advice. and plenty of fun, too. >> that's it, girl. >> okay. >> you got it. >> okay. >> cindy lou-hoo. shoot, shoot! cindy is down to seven! you have seen the girl. woo! this is what i do, for this reason right here. smiling ear to ear. that was fun. >> thank you. i loved it. we loved it. that was fun. >> it's like a book club with ammunition.
2:33 pm
can i fix your grip? >> reporter: nikki jones started the austin sure shots club because she couldn't find any girlfriends at the shooting range. less than three years later, the club has more than 300 members, all women. >> more women are getting involved in firearms, because there's kind of a societal shift. there's not a stigma attached to owning a gun. and i think women who decide they want to own a gun want training. they want to be safe. they want to train safely and that's what we are all about. so they come here, and they have the support of other women. >> reporter: the gun industry is developing an arsenal of weapons and merchandise, targeting women. there are guns and rifles with bright colors, an print patterns, holsters that can make a man blush. >> the one i have right here is actually meant to put into your bra. >> reporter: this one goes in your bra. >> this goes into your bra, hides right into your cup. >> reporter: they're actually called flash-bang holsters. >> and that is the flash-bang.
2:34 pm
>> reporter: oh, really? so if someone is coming after you, you distract them. >> exactly. >> reporter: gimmicks aside, recent gun tragedies have, if anything, spurred more women to buy and learn to use firearms. crystal reddel started shooting guns just six months ago. she now owns four handguns and two rifles. for these ladies, diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend. ed lavandera, cnn, williamson county, texas. >> i want to bring in psychologist wendy walsh, author of "the 30 day love detox," the name of her book. wendy, there's this trend we have been -- that has been, you know, concerning career choices force women, for example, danica patrick outrunning the guys at daytona. then this shooting range story. women are taking on interests some would consider sort of, well, maybe more masculine. i was going to say male, but more masculine. what's going on here? >> don, i've got to check a calendar. are we having this conversation in 2013?
2:35 pm
>> words coming out of my mouth, i was thinking that. >> the truth is, we're all becoming more human. and within the range of both genders, there are a whole bunch of different gender identities and gender roles. and certain activities that you might consider or some people might consider to be traditional to one particular gender can now be had by all. >> right, right. and so i was saying, i grew up here in the south. women were, you know -- go to the shooting range and shoot guns all of the time, driving fast cars, trucks. my own mom loves driving trucks than cars. she always wanted a pickup truck because she could see better in the darn thing. so it's just -- what do you think is bringing about this trend to the rest, you know -- to more people in the country? or in the world, as a matter of fact? >> well, we should also add, there are highly feminine women like me that prefer to bake bread every day, don. but having said that, i will say you have a choice now and it's happening because women are final having some economic independence. so real independence. more than half our work force are now female. for every two men that graduate
2:36 pm
college, three women. women make up 3/5 of graduate schools. in the age 22 to 30 demographic, women make more than their male peers. that's partly because the guys are having a failure to launch and having a hard time getting jobs. but it's giving women this economic independence. >> yeah. very interesting that you said that. listen, part of this challenge for women is how history has cast them. in your own book you write this. you said while most of the gathering of wild fruits, vegetables, nuts and insects was done by women. most women also hunted and any hunter who would walk past a ripe patch of berries because he thought it was women's work could become an empty-handed provider at day's end. so wendy, you're saying we have a skewed view of what women really did in the past. >> absolutely. we have this hanna barbara version that a guy clubbed a woman and dragged her by the hair into a cave. nothing could be more inaccurate. and my book, "the 30 day love detox" looks at our mating
2:37 pm
strategies. there were tons of successful women, they all hunted. think of katniss from "the hunger games", right? and in the current hunter-gather societies that still exist on the planet, when men and women work together, the success rate is better for either of them. >> did we get "the 30 day love detox" in enough, do you think? >> i think we did. "the 30 day love detox" available on amazon. >> thank you. we'll have the latest on the nascar wreck. we're hearing a number of people were hurt. and you're seeing evidence of one hurt there. a number of spectators. we're going to get the very latest. a press conference with the president of nascar will have that information for you, as well. [ woman ] we had two tiny reasons
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2:40 pm
and financial core runs. want to bring in professor vince from emory university. the vatican says it's gossip designed to influence the pope. when you heard this, what was your reaction? >> yeah, it's really hard to say, right, without confirmation of these allegations. it's difficult to know. but, you know, the confluence of the resignation with these accusations is going to raise a lot of eyebrows. >> why would the vatican come out and respond to something that they are -- you know, is just rumors? this is larepublica? why would they respond to something they think are rumors? it appears they're giving credence if you respond. >> it's hard to say, right? the good press/bad press. bad press can be truly bad press. but without confirmation, we have to stick what the pope himself said, he's resigning because he's elderly and feels he cannot fulfill the office
2:41 pm
anymore. >> what will the conclave look for in the next pope? maybe someone who does not have scandals -- sex scandals in his background? >> yeah, it will be fascinating to see who is picked. will it be a younger pope, will it be a pope outside of europe? there hasn't been an italian pope since before john paul ii, who is polish and then we had our german pope with pope benedict. could it be an african pope, latin pope, a younger pope, and also a pope that could lead the church out of these sex abuse scandals. >> what's the possibility of it being a pope with a bit more diversity? >> it's quite likely. it could happen. but it's always been difficult to predict who the next pope will be. and often times the predictions run afoul. they turn out not to be correct. >> okay. so how does the catholic church -- how does the vatican then shake this bad press? and to move forward, to look for the next pope? >> well, i think that the cardinals who are tasked with the selection of the next pope have a big task. and they will be sequestered in the sistine chapel, and they
2:42 pm
will, according to the rules, pray and try to select the next pope through prayer, politicking is looked down upon. but before they go into the chapel, they hear two sermons about the future of the church and what the next pope should be attending to. so i'm sure these things will be foremost in their minds. >> the pope -- despite twitter account, he was from, you know -- he was old-school. and in many traditional ways. how then do they appeal to a younger generation here? >> well, if they get a younger pope, right, that would be a huge thing. >> not going to get a pope in the 20s or 30s. >> definitely not. no. but -- >> someone that young. >> but someone who is not in their late 70s. that sort of thing will help. curious question would be that i'm wondering about, what the pope's role will be once he resigns. he'll be in a monastery in the vatican. but will he serve in some sort of informal or even formal advisory capacity to the new pope? that will be a fascinating thing to think about.
2:43 pm
>> let's talk about legacy here. in the wake of the scandal. is this going to be part of his legacy, do you believe? >> i think it will be. the whole child sex abuse scandal period will be a part of his legacy and how he responded to it or in some ways failed to respond to it. he seems to not have had the same sort of flair as john paul ii, and so, you know, he'll be known for his academic work. he was a well-respected theologian prior to his election to the papacy, and wrote three books while in office. so i think he'll be known for that. and he'll also be known for this resignation, which is in some sense a real modernization of the papacy. i mean, from here forward, this could be a precedent that the popes do step down before they get too old and if you will irrelevant. >> we'll see. thank you. we appreciate you coming in. we're following developing news coming out of daytona nascar. there has been really a nasty accident involving at least ten drivers, and a number of people in the stands who are hurt. the drivers are okay. the president of nascar holding
2:44 pm
a press conference. we'll get that information to you. and also update you on the number of injuries and how they're doing. of all promotions. the king there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and lobster tacos. it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest and sea food differently.
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2:46 pm
welcome back, everyone. we're going to have the very
2:47 pm
latest on that horrific crash and the final lap of a nascar race in daytona today. first some other stories that we're working on. the east is about to get blasted by the same winter storm that battered the midwest. and you can see the storm's power as it hammers some 20 states already. but the storm, well, it's losing intensi intensity. karen maginnis will be along to let us all know what residents in the northeast can expect. taking to the streets in spain. tens of thousands of protesters are angry over cuts in education, health and social programs in the wake of the country's financial crisis. the unemployment rate is at 26%. protesters say the government does not listen to their calls for help. the blade runner is now banned from his own home so accused murderer oscar pistorius is staying with his uncle as he fights charges he murdered his girlfriend. his uncle says the former
2:48 pm
olympian knows he faces a long road ahead. not just in the courts, but in the streets. he is now a hunteded man by the paparazzi after posting bond yesterday, photographers chased his car. his next court date is june 4th. the latest on the crash in daytona today where all the drivers walked away. no one was hurt. but there were people in the stands who were. an update on them right after the break. nnouncer ] were you more interesting in your twenties, or now? when you were starting out? or after a few decades working in some well-worn character? experience makes you wiser for the wear. and now come the richer possibilities. [ children laughing ] aarp. an ally for real possibilities. find tools and resources at
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we want to update our breaking news now. a fiery crash sent debris flying into the stands at daytona international speedway today, injuring some of the spectators. the car you're seeing now, hurdling into the fence, is rookie kyle larson's. the car broke into pieces and tires and a fiery engine flew into the crowd. the injured were taken to a hospital in daytona. no word yet on how many or how seriously they are all hurt. we're checking on that for you. larson was able to walk away from that crash and apparently none of the other drivers involved was injured. not one. there is kyle larson right there. standing next to his car. the crash happened seconds before the end of the nationwide series race, a preliminary event to tomorrow's big daytona 500. make sure you stay with cnn for the latest on this crash in daytona. don't know exactly what happened, what caused it, what have you. joining me now is brad kozlowski, reigning sprint cup sprint cup champion, brad
2:52 pm
keselowski. >> i was driving the second car, the 22 car, and there was contact between me and the second car, we were going for the win. and just one of those unfortunate accidents. and i think the most unfortunate part is not the accident itself, but that there were some injuries in the stands, we hope and all pray that everybody is okay. it is still too early to tell exactly what the situation is there. but a lot of thoughts going out to them. i think that is probably the most important thing. >> you're absolutely right, thank you for saying that. usually these fences hold. but i do see if you look at the video closely, looks like one of the tires did manage to bounce over the wall and go into the stands. and again, you're right, for the stands, people injured you guys walked away. you have no injuries, right? >> yeah, i think i'm fine. i came out okay with all the other drivers, all the other drivers involved in the wreck appear to be okay to me. at least from what i could tell.
2:53 pm
so treated and released. but still too early to tell from the fan perspective, i know from a driver perspective everybody is okay. and it is just an unfortunate accident and these things happen where it is important for us as drivers we assume the risk and fans do not. so you know, for the most part. you know, the catch fence did stop some of the cars, obviously not all of them. but it could have been a lot worse. for sure. >> brad, stand by, i want the viewers to look. we have new video from the stands, let's take a look. so this video, people in the stands, this is the view. as that comes hurdling, i don't know if you're in a position to see this. but you can see where some people got debris thrown on them. people are asking each other -- if they're okay. let's listen in.
2:54 pm
>> oh -- where is -- >> are you all right? >>. >> all right, that is video from youtube, inside the stands, we didn't have audio on the beginning of that, and see if there is audio, because it popped in right towards the end. i would like to hear that. brad keselowski, thank you so much. i appreciate you joining us, okay? >> yeah, my pleasure, and like i said i'm just hoping everyone is okay. for everyone here in the nascar community, that is where our thoughts and prayers are at.
2:55 pm
and as far as the race, it is unfortunate, that doesn't mean anything to me right now. just hoping everyone is okay. and we rely on our fans and we'll get it right. >> brad, thank you very much. new video of the crash coming up right after this break. it's lots of things. all waking up. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ trees will talk to networks will talk to scientists about climate change. cars will talk to road sensors will talk to stoplights about traffic efficiency. the ambulance will talk to patient records will talk to doctors about saving lives. it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. the next big thing? we're going to wake the world up.
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♪ and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. ♪ cisco. tomorrow starts here.
2:57 pm
all right, this video just in to cnn after the horrible nascar crash just over an hour ago. you can see it and hear it as it comes running to the spectators in the stand. take a look and listen.
2:58 pm
>> are you all right? >> oh, my god. >> there is a tire -- you see the car tire? it is right there in the stands, listen more. they're calling -- for help. in the stands, pointing to the tire that bounced over that fence. more on this breaking news right after a break. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart."
2:59 pm
i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, all right that's a fifth-floor probleok.. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. [ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke.

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